Matjes – Our original

Delicious maiden

Do you know why maiden are so sought-after in Glückstadt? Because they are both tender and delicious! We’re talking of course about our fresh Matjes (soused herring – made from immature, soused herring that get their German name from the Dutch Maatjesharing or ‘maiden herring’), prepared by hand in an age-old tradition.

From the home-style classic with onion rings, apple slices and gherkins to the urban treat in red wine marinade with herb and garlic dip, from smoked Matjes to its exotic version with a curry banana sauce. Whatever style you prefer, our numerous cosy restaurants around the market and at the harbour offer a wide variety of Matjes-based dishes. Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Of course you can also get this delicious fish as a take-away treat. For more ideas on how to prepare and serve the perfect Glückstadt Matjes, just take a look under recipes…


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