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Bicycle paths and Glückstadt go together like sheep on a dyke. Here, you can ride your bicycle where you like – whether it’s along the Elbe or on the North Sea Cycle Route. If you want to see more of the region around Glückstadt, we recommend you go on one of our seven official biking tours. For each of these tours, there is comprehensive information material and plenty of maps available.

Would you like to see the largest ships up close? Then take the opportunity to come nose to nose with these colossal vessels during our ‘Deichtörn’ (Dyke Tour) or experience the history of dyke construction by bike during the ‘Weidentörn’ (Willow Tour). On the ‘Gemüsetörn’ (Vegetable Tour) you can enjoy the landscape of the surrounding wilderness, known to be ideal for growing vegetables. And, last but not least, the ‘Obsttörn’ (Fruit Tour) will lead you through a fruit-growing region up to the Krückau tidal barrier. Getting some fresh fruit and vegetables from the farm shops along the way is also an opportunity not to be missed!

Around the village of Horst, three further tours invite you to explore the Elbmarschen. Discover the green marshes around Sommerland on our ‘Sommertörn’ (Summer Tour). Drive by a number of stork’s nests on the ‘Storchentörn’ (Stork Tour). And cross damp meadows on your way through the Königsmoor (King’s marshes) on the ‘Kiebitztörn’ (Peewit Tour).

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