Glückstadt on the Elbe.

Glückstadt Markplatz mit Kirche (c) GDM

A king's dream.


Relaxing and cosy.

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Welcome to Glückstadt!

You are in luck! Because Glückstadt is the perfect place for your holiday in Schleswig-Holstein.
Whether you are a Matjes aficionado, fancy relaxing or simply love cycling – Glückstadt has something for everyone.
We have got the best insider tips and information for you, whether you are looking for somewhere to stay, want to find out more about the events happening in Glückstadt or just want to see the sights and explore our town.

Glückstadt on the Elbe – a king’s dream come true

400 Years ago King Christian IV of Denmark laid the first foundation stone for our lovely town in 1617. He had a dream: to found a town on the Elbe river, that would become a grand and powerful rival to Hamburg..

Several centuries later, the king’s ambitious dreams have resulted in the idyllic little town of Glückstadt. Its picturesque atmosphere, romantic little alleys, historic town centre and location on the Elbe amidst the wondrous marsh landscape of the ‘Elbmarschen’ give a unique character to the historical monument that is the town of Glückstadt.

With their regularly changing exhibitions, the town’s numerous art galleries and ateliers, the Detlefsen Museum and the Palais für aktuelle Kunst (Contemporary Art Gallery) form a large part of Glückstadt’s cultural scene.

And if you get tired and hungry of all that culture, you can relax in one of Glückstadt’s cosy hotels and restaurants. Most of all, you can try the local delicacy: the original Glückstadt Matjes (soused herring). Known far beyond the region, this tasty seafood even has its own annual celebration.

The Matjes, however, is not the only maritime feature of Glückstadt: there’s also the charming row of houses along the harbour, as well as the harbour’s new panoramic stairs (a great place to while away the time), the ‘Rigmor’ of Glückstadt (Germany’s oldest sailing ship still in operation) and, last but not least, the breathtaking view from the dyke on the Elbe river.

And although the large ships pass us by without a further look, a part of the king’s dream came true – and is visible in Glückstadt every day.

Welcome to Glückstadt!

Original Glückstadt Matjes

Gourmets know and love them – our Original Glückstadt Matjes. It is only here in Glückstadt that this type of herring is allowed to mature in oak barrels before being filleted by hand. Click here for more information on this traditional craft and how and where to best enjoy this tender silver treat and, and of course, to learn more about Glückstädter Matjeswochen (a four day-long spectacular in mid-June).

Cycling along our Happy Routes

The best way to explore Glückstadt and the surrounding region is by bicycle! Ten signposted and themed Glückstadt cycle paths fully cover the Cycling Region Glückstadt and include all the highlights. With the wind at your back, you’ll almost fly across the flat landscape. It’s the perfect way to get away from it all, enjoy life and just drift….

Accommodation in Glückstadt

Where would you like to wake up in the morning when you are on holiday? In a picturesque countryside location or in the unique atmosphere of Glückstadt?

In Glückstadt, you can have both. From cosy town hotels and romantic guest houses to lovingly arranged private accommodation and holiday apartments. Or how about a youth hostel room with a view of the harbour?

Our host database will help you find the perfect accommodation for a perfect holiday.

Events in Glückstadt

There is always something happening in Glückstadt! Our cultural highlights include the Glückstädter Matjeswochen (a four day-long spectacular in mid-June), the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, the KulturMärz (Culture in March), the Kulturnacht (Night of Culture) or the Sternenzauber (Magic of the Stars) with its Christmas market in December.

In addition, numerous other events are held throughout the year: From concerts and readings to guided city tours and boat tours on the Elbe.

Click here for an overview of all events in our event calendar.

Glückstadt on the Elbe – A King´s dream come true


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