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Hochwasser Mole Copyright GDM Mattson
Hafen Copyright GDM Kirbis
Hafenkopf Glueckstadt Copyright Holstein Tourismus Photocompany
Glueckstadt Panorama Copyright GDM Helm
Glueckstadt von oben Copyright GDM
Rigmor Copyright Haenel-GARP
Binnenhafen in Glueckstadt Copyright GDM Kautz
Glueckstadt C4 Copyright GDM
Glueckstadt Binnenhafen Copyright GDM
Glueckstadt Weiden Copyright GDM
Glueckstadt Mole Copyright GDM
Glueckstadt Hafen Sonnenuntergang Copyright GDM
Pasadena Copyright GDM Kirbis
Matjeswochen Jubiläum Copyright GDM Vogel
Matjeswochen Copyright GDM Kirbis
Kulturnacht c GDM Kirbis
Kulturnacht2 Copyright GDM Kirbis
Kulturnacht c GDM Kirbis
Kultur c GDM Kirbis
jhhmatjes c GDM Helm
gsjhhmatjes96 c GDM Helm
gsjhhmatjes27 c GDM Helm
Gaffeltreffen c Kirbis
Gaffeltreffen2 c Kirbis
Flames of Classic



Looking for happiness in Schleswig-Holstein…

Alexander Knappe – Glückstadt

Glückstadt – the very name is a promise. When Alexander Knappe had a really bad day, he followed that promise…

“Glückstadt” – Our very own Anthem of the North

In this video, German comedian Wigald Boning and musician Roberto Di Gioia show that it’s fun to go to Glückstadt even in bad weather. Viewers of the German TV show ‘NDR DAS!’ selected their song ‘Glückstadt’ from 5 different songs to be the ‘Anthem of the North’. And for good reason!


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