During our Dyke Tour, you get the opportunity to get up close with the colossal ships. You start your tour at the harbour in Kollmar and follow the path until you reach Bielenberg, where a beautiful sandy beach invites you to linger for a while.

From Kollmar along the dykes through the marshlands of the Kollmaraner Marsch (20 km)

Kollmar is the ideal point of departure for tours and also a great destination for a day trip. The perfect place to start is the harbour right outside the village. It can be reached through an opening in the dyke (a so-called Stöpe). Thanks to its beautiful sandy beach with playground, Kollmar is a great destination for families. Around the harbour, you can find peace and quiet but also walking paths along the dyke as well as kiosks and little restaurants. The tour leads from Kollmar along the Elbe dyke up to Bielenberg. On this part of the tour, you can get a close look at the colossal ships driving up and down the Elbe. Another marvellous sandy beach awaits you at Bielenberg. After crossing the dyke, the path then continues inland. The two ponds along the path are the result of a breach in the dyke in 1756 and are called Braken. Our route then makes a large curve through the fertile marshlands of the Kollmaraner Marsch and from there leads us back to Kollmar. Along large parts of our path, we can see both former and current dyke formations. An interesting feature of the Dyke Tour is the number of information panels along the way that provide us with information on floods and coastal protection.


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