08.06.-11.06.2017 – 50. Glückstädter Matjeswochen – The Matjes season

Each year on the second Thursday in June, the ceremonial ‘Matjes tasting’ initiates a four-day-long spectacular to celebrate...

Die Glückstädter Matjeswochen im Wandel der Zeit

Fotoausstellung (21.05. - 13.08.2017)

Die Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde Glückstadt 1619-1915

Ausstellung (26.03. - 12.11. 2017)

Meine Blicke auf die Stadt

Fotoausstellung (12.03. - 01.05. 2017)

Glückstadt ist vielfältig

Deutsch-dänische Fotoausstellung (09.03. - 07.04. 2017)

art is luck for you

Die Kunst der Kunst Flügel zu verleihen (05.03. - 26.03. 2017)


Interpretationen von Weite (05.03. - 02.04. 2017)

Papier – Das wahre Gold

Material in seiner Vielfältigkeit (04.03. - 26.03. 2017)

Map of the Town

A map showing the popular attractions.

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Motor Caravans / Camping

Are you traveling with your mobile home or would you like to set up your tent at a campsite? Find all further information here.

Rigmor von Glückstadt

Sailing on a cultural monument.

The Tidenkieker (tide watcher)

Nature trips on the Elbe.

Ewer Gloria

Traditional freight sailboat.

Bike rental and service

About cycling holidays.

Open for Business Sundays in Glückstadt

Open for Business Sundays.

An insight into Matjes

Lugger fishing in Glückstadt.


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Town History

Compared to most other German cities, Glückstadt is very young. Its history can be followed continuously from the days of its foundation until today.

Town Anniversary 2017

In 2017, we’ll get the party started! Starting with the official opening of our anniversary celebrations on 22 March 2017, our town will be host to an exciting year full of events.


Pictures and videos...

Landscape and climate

The view as far as the horizon, the wide open landscape, the Elbe and the dykes… Glückstadt is located right in the middle of one of the most beautiful regions in Schleswig-Holstein - the [...]

Audio tour through the historic maritime town of Glückstadt

Both harbour and fishing industry have played a vital role throughout Glückstadt’s 400 years of history. Join our audio guide and explore our historic town and listen to vivid stories.

Historic town of Glückstadt – A view of the town

Glückstadt owes its picturesque atmosphere to its unique layout and historic townscape. Visitors can still see that the town was initially built as a fortress.

Sightseeing Tour – Following in the King’s footsteps

There’s something very special about Glückstadt: it is the only town in Schleswig-Holstein founded by a king. The town’s layout was designed on the drawing board and bears no resemblance to other [...]